Emma - Starting at $1,500


You are a super planner! You have every detail planned, and you have assembled the perfect team to get things done! Your venue is taking care of most of the decor details, your photographer has everything under control, now all you really need is someone to keep your day running smoothly! Emma is the perfect package for you.


This package includes:


  • Unlimited phone meetings.

  • Up to three consultations in person.

  • Helping you create the perfect timeline.

  • Intricate conducting of the ceremony rehearsal (1 hour).

  • Coordinating the ceremony.

  • Bridal Survival Kit!



Lilyan - Starting at $2,000


You are very organized! You are good at cutting corners and saving money. You are a true DIY bride, and you have good friends you trust to help you all the way down the aisle. You need someone to get your vision across, and you know you can’t do it alone. You just might be a Lilyan Bride!


Lilyan includes everything from the Emma Package, PLUS


  • Oversee and conduct your assembled team with decorating the ceremony and reception.

  • Coordinating your reception, as well as the ceremony (up to 8 hours)

  • Coordinate the transportation of gifts.

  • Communicate with vendors on the wedding day ( Handout final payments and tips)




Toula - Starting at $3,000


You have a vision! You know what you want but you’re not quite sure what you need to get it all together. You love your job, but you don’t have the time you’d like to devote to your wedding planning. No fear! We are here for you! We can take the stress off your hands with the Toula package.


In addition to the Emma and Lilyan packages, Toula also includes -


  • Vendor research and recommendations of preferred vendors.

  • Custom requested vendor quotes and organize vendor meetings.

  • Unlimited meetings with us to discuss your needs!






You have read through all the other descriptions of packages, and haven’t quite found you. You see that you need a few things from each package, but do not require all of them. This package is completely customizable! You can choose what you need from things we have listed, or come up with your own unique tasks. Buttercup allows you to create and customize your very own package!


We love to travel and would love to create a personal travel package with you. 


Additional services you might need 


  • Paper-Heart Events design team

  • Custom wedding favors

  • Custom Party Favors

  • Welcome boxes

  • Mother’s gift

  • Business Events

  • Birthday Parties

  • Family Reunions

  • Retirement Parties

  • Graduation Parties

  • Baby Showers

  • Bridal Showers



No matter what you need on your special day we will have you covered.