The wedding planning process these days is full of questions, and in the age of information, Pinterest is giving you WAY TOO MUCH advice. While it can be a priceless tool and the best DIY project finder, it has a lot of different opinions on some age-old wedding questions. Here is a list of true and false wedding facts to ease your mind, and clear things up a bit.



I need to order my dress 6 months in advance.



This is actually true. While many dress boutiques do carry dresses you can buy in the store, most dresses are made to order. This means that when you choose "The One" you are actually choosing the prototype that your gown will be based on. But not to worry! This ensures your size and specifications, and will get you a good start on your planning!


Half of my wedding budget should go towards the reception venue.



This tends to surprise some people, but typically the biggest portion you will spend is on the location. It doesn't always equate to half of the budget, but expect to spend a good chunk.


I don't need a bartender, people can just help themselves.



BIG NO NO! I promise you that a bartender is worth every penny plus tips! Without a bartender, receptions tend to become very chaotic, and guests are either too scared to get drinks or too eager. Both scenarios can get messy. Just invest in an experienced bartender and you will not have to worry about running out of liquor early.


I can have a friend take the photos.



Is your friend an aspiring photographer who has great instincts and is starting a business and has professional equipment? If not, you need to hire a professional. While it's a great thought to just have a friend who has a good camera take your wedding photos, you may miss out on good lighting and certain shots you may have expected. Your photos will last forever, it is worth it to hire someone you trust.


I do not need a DJ.



A DJ at a reception is so much more than a play button on an iPhone. The DJ is in charge of running the reception and reading the crowd. All the big events need to be announced by someone, and each song is carefully chosen for each event. The DJ needs to stick to your timeline, but still be flexible if changes are needed. They are responsible for making sure everyone is having a good time. 


I need to have a send-off.



Believe it or not, a simple send-off is what your late guests are waiting for. The send-off is their cue (even bigger than the last call) to ensure that the reception has ended. When there is no send-off, often the end of a reception can be confusing for a guest, especially if the music ends and people start cleaning up, but the bride and groom never left. A send-off will ensure that you won't have stragglers for the cleanup crew to shoo away.


I don't need to serve a full dinner at my reception.



Tradition says that there is always a big meal at a reception, but more and more people are opting for a simple dessert/appetizer spread instead. When planning a dessert wedding, consider the time of day you are having the wedding. Make sure that guests are aware they need to eat before coming, otherwise you might have people leaving the party out of starvation, OR WORSE! Bringing fast food to your reception and eating it in front of starving guests.


I don't need a wedding coordinator.



While we firmly believe that not everyone needs to pay a wedding coordinator, it is very important that the bride has chosen a trustworthy person to oversee the things that she cannot. This person is the face that gets the bridal party together, and down the aisle in a timely fashion. This is the person that is in charge of making sure that all of the personal touches you envisioned come to fruition. This is the person that has your timeline and will make sure that others adhere to it. This person is the go-between to all of your vendors on the day of your wedding to make sure everyone is where they should be. This person needs to be confident with making last-minute decisions when the plan changes, and flexible enough to go with the flow. It also helps if this person is not emotionally attached to the bride or groom so that they don't feel like they have to miss the wedding. Many brides think that mom or bestie will do all of these things, and for the most part, they would be glad too! But, mom and bestie also need to be by your side on the big day. When you aren't hiring a professional, be sure to hire someone you trust. This person basically has to be you when you aren't there. They know your vision, your dreams and they will see them through!


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