About Us

We are certified Weddings Planners, that have been collaborating since 2011 and we love what
we do. Our passion project has organically grown into a business that requires care and love.
We could not be more thrilled to help couples on the most important day of their lives! We bring
fresh eyes to the table, with a vast knowledge of wedding etiquette. We also understand your
need to be unique, and desire to stand out. We would love to help you accomplish your wedding
day goals.

Morée and Brittney



moree headshot.jpg

Morée Guerra-EuDaly


Fashion Style: Relaxed and romantic. 


Signature Dish: Breakfast foods


Hobbies: Film trivia, yoga, singing and shopping!


Cocktail: Amaretto sour


Favorite Love Story: The Princess Bride 


Personal Wedding Style: Simply Elegant and Intimate. 






Brittney Carter-EuDaly


Fashion Style:  Classic, Chic


Signature Dish: Irish car bomb cupcakes


Hobbies: Horseback riding, dancing, travel


Cocktail: BBC


Favorite Love Story: P.S. I Love You


Personal Wedding Style: Elegant, Chic